Friday, December 01, 2006

SavetheInternet Party for the Future

Eight months ago, very few of us had heard of Net Neutrality, and the Coalition didn't even exist. Now, not a day goes by without someone sending me a YouTube video, song, blog post or news clipping supporting Net Neutrality.

The Coalition has enabled more than a million Americans to speak out on the issue, moving Net Neutrality to the forefront of the debate over the future of the Internet.

We have stunned the phone and cable lobby and scuttled its plan to strong-arm Congress and make AT&T and Comcast the ultimate gatekeepers to online content.

By stopping Senator Stevens' massive handout to the network giants, we have opened a path to creating a more democratic broadband framework for 2007 and beyond.


Tom Morello at the 2003 Conference

You're Invited

We're now pleased to invite you to a blowout party to celebrate this historic accomplishment and begin the conversation on where we go from here.

On January 11 in Memphis, many of the more than 6,000 bloggers, YouTubers, Politicians, musicians, celebrities, activists and citizens who form the core of Coalition will come together on the eve of the National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis.

We've booked the Gibson Guitar Factory from 9 p.m. until closing. They'll be a DJ, booze and dancing. We'll be projecting dozens of videos created by YouTube activists throughout the year.

Internet for Everyone

During the party we will unveil's blueprint for the future of the Internet -- a plan not just to secure Net Neutrality in the next Congress but also to build momentum behind a vision of a faster, more accessible broadband for everyone -- returning our country to the digital forefront.

The party will help kick off the National Conference for Media Reform, which is about establishing media reform and Internet freedom as winnable political issues.


2005 Conference Workshop

Speakers on hand over the long weekend include Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bill Moyers, Arianna Huffington, M-1 from Dead Prez, Helen Thomas, Jane Fonda, Davey D, Robert Greenwald, Dan Gillmor, Paul Reickhoff, Matt Stoller, Amy Goodman, Cenk Ugyur and others.

Victory in 2007 and Beyond members will participate on panels and workshops on online organizing, blogger activism, Net Neutrality, the future of the Internet, and to meet face to face, strategize and build momentum for winning Net Neutrality as a new Congress returns to Washington.

Panel topics include:
  • Going Viral -- The power of social networks to make change and circumvent the mainstream media.

  • SavetheInternet -- The success of the campaign and the challenges ahead in 2007. (with Free Press)

  • Universal Broadband -- Making high-speed Internet available for all.

  • Citizen Journalism -- Blogs and beyond, making an impact in the new media landscape. (with Dan Gillmor)

  • Media Reform and the Vote

  • The Press at War and the War on the Press (with Helen Thomas)

  • Trust or Verify -- propaganda and the press

  • Media Watchdogs – (with Media Matters)

  • From Computer Screens to the Streets -- activism in a wired world (with MoveOn)

Join us in Memphis. Celebrate the future of the Internet on Thursday and stay for a weekend of partying and plotting.

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Update: Bloggers can learn more about getting credentials for the weekend by clicking here.

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