Monday, January 15, 2007

Adelstein Calls on Congress to Deep Six Consolidation

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein on Friday told thousands of people gathered at the National Conference for Media Reform to bury "six feet deep" any attempts by the FCC to roll back media ownership rules.

Adelstein Rocks
Adelstein called for a congressional veto procedure known as a "resolution of disapproval," which was originally designed to allow a Republican Congress to quickly repeal regulations by then President Clinton.

"But the winds of change have now swept through Washington," he said. "This time, in 2007, if the FCC passes an Order to increase media consolidation, there's nothing to stop Congress from vetoing it. If it comes to a vote on the Hill, we'll see bipartisan support that's been bottled up come pouring out."

Adelstein said:

"If a bad Order comes out of the FCC, let's not just bury it. Let's bury it six feet deep! When the FCC goes too far in rolling back media ownership limits, if you demand it, Congress can send it right to the dumpster of history where it belongs!

"Even better, let's keep bad rules from coming out in the first place. We have a new Commission, one that has seen the damage you can do to policies that neglect the people we're supposed to serve. You need to send the message loud and clear: if the FCC dramatically rolls back the media ownership protections, it will get vetoed by Congress. So don't even bother trying."

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Adelstein addressed a series of challenges for media reformers in addition to fighting media consolidation. He mentioned as priorities defeating payola, exposing fake news, stopping Internet gatekeepers, and tuning out "rapacious advertisers preying on the unsuspecting minds of our young children."

"You've already won some key early skirmishes," Adelstein told those assembled in Memphis. "Now you're the battle-hardened veterans about to achieve even bigger victories."

As during previous conferences, Commissioner Adelstein (pictured above) followed his speech with an impromptu jam session with the North Mississippi All-Stars -- with the commissioner on harmonica.

On Saturday morning Adelstein joined Commissioner Michael Copps on a panel on media consolidation and Net Neutrality.

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