Monday, May 24, 2010

50 Tweets for #NetNeutrality

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  1. Historical view on how the Internet is "telecommunications" and why carriers shouldn't muck w/content #NetNeutrality

  1. Beck's war on the FCC (and Satan worshippers) Do his followers know they're just being "entertained?" #NetNeutrality

  1. NYT: Right-wing talking points against #NetNeutrality are colorful but wrong. Oversight is needed:

  1. Cenk on how Fox News spins the astroturf line about #NetNeutralityas a "government takeover" #mediafail #p2

  1. Comcast and Verizon execs agree: #FCC Title II plan won’t impact network investment #NetNeutrality

  1. James Rucker (@ColorofChange) explains how Web openness & access are intertwined and vital #NetNeutrality

  1. Telco astroturf wouldn't spend $1.4m if they weren’t scared and they’re scared of 2mn people demanding #NetNeutrality

  1. "When all else fails, launch a scare campaign" #NetNeutrality #astroturf

  1. Rep. Cliff Stearns introduces anti-#NetNeutrality bill. And his biggest corporate contributor is ...

  1. GigaOm: "For those who want to check out telecom. lobby & agenda in bill form, read Stearns’ leg." #NetNeutrality

  1. Meanwhile at Fox, @GlennBeck links GE, NBC and @FreePress in vast conspiracy to take over the Web #p2

  1. Net Neutrality: The sum of all irrational fears: #NetNeutrality #FCC

  1. Would @GlennBeck hate #NetNeutrality as much, if he actually knew what it was? One can only wonder.

  1. Sen Dorgan & Com Copps: #FCC should move w/Internet speed to guarantee #NetNeutrality essential to dynamic democracy

  1. Can you feel the power of the netroots. 2 million for #NetNeutrality. 250,000 for Title II

  1. The nerdfighters chime in for #NetNeutrality Geeks do rule!

  1. AT&T (and friends) are still hard at work making up #NetNeutrality job loss figures (via @mmasnick)

  1. LA Times: FCC needs to step up regulation of Internet broadband service #NetNeutrality

  1. Do the numbers add up? A closer look at controversial study that suggests #NetNeutrality costs jobs

  1. Why media reform matters right now? Two must watch videos #NetNeutrality #SavetheNews

  1. The Christian Coalition takes on Glenn Beck: #NetNeutrality is not some Marxist plot: #p2 #tcot

  1. Extremists distort the #NetNeutrality issue as part of a secretly "coordinated attack" to censor people

  1. Rep. Markey makes plea for reclassifying broadband; joins 250,000 other people who have urged the same #NetNeutrality

  1. Washington Post: #NetNeutrality not a government plot. It's about ensuring your ISP can't limit what you do online

  1. Tim Wu: Net Neutrality is not dead. The FCC just needs to fix Bush-era mistakes: #NetNeutrality #fcc

  1. Watch the Pulitzer Center interview on how #NetNeutrality protects free speech and new journalism on the Web:

  1. Join the ColorofChange action in support of #NetNeutrality (pls sign and RT)

  1. Why Net Neutrality is too important to leave up to ISPs (via @gigaom) #NetNeutrality

  1. Two venture capitalists on #NetNeutrality. If we lose it, we lose companies to invest in

  1. Libraries understand that #NetNeutrality is essential:

  1. AT&T sees Net access as scarce commodity to be rationed and filtered at spiraling costs #NetNeutrality

  1. How Christian Coalition, MoveOn (and other strange bedfellows) helped Save the Internet together #NetNeutrality

  1. #FCC Commissioner M. Clyburn not neutral on #NetNeutrality:

  1. Experts warn of an ISP-controlled Internet w/o #NetNeutrality

  1. Harvard survey finds open access and #NetNeutrality vital to competition, universal access, low prices & high speeds

  1. James Rucker of @colorofchange makes the case, again, for civil rights community to support #NetNeutrality

  1. Close America's broadband gap? The phone and cable giants just say 'No' #NetNeutrality #DigitalDivide

  1. Tea Party conservatives show support for #NetNeutrality: Good to see right and left agreeing on some things.

  1. Another telco talking point against #NetNeutrality (That it costs jobs) proven false

  1. VIDEO: President Obama hits it out of the park for #NetNeutrality (pls rt)

  1. Why are some civil rights groups are on the wrong side of Net Neutrality? via @colorofchange #NetNeutrality

  1. Why Media and Journalism Scholars Support Net Neutrality #NetNeutrality

  1. #FCC Commissioner Clyburn says #NetNeutrality is in best interest of people of color – and all Americans:

  1. The conservative case for #NetNeutrality

  1. Gamers warn of "balkanized" Internet. Call for #NetNeutrality protections:

  1. #NetNeutrality is a “matter of freedom of communication... This should be a basic right of citizenship”

  1. NYU economists: #NetNeutrality fuels an open dynamic that “creates billions of dollars in value for American public”

  1. Making the case that #NetNeutrality fuels economic prosperity:

  1. I trust that the more than 30K gamers who've signed letters in support of #NetNeutrality Whom do you trust?

  1. Rush gets #NetNeutrality. It's when Google and Obama take over your "Rush Limbaugh" search results. Yes sirree

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