Monday, May 24, 2010

50 Tweets for #NetNeutrality

Please pick, chose and retweet. Or tweet your own:

  1. Historical view on how the Internet is "telecommunications" and why carriers shouldn't muck w/content #NetNeutrality

  1. Beck's war on the FCC (and Satan worshippers) Do his followers know they're just being "entertained?" #NetNeutrality

  1. NYT: Right-wing talking points against #NetNeutrality are colorful but wrong. Oversight is needed:

  1. Cenk on how Fox News spins the astroturf line about #NetNeutralityas a "government takeover" #mediafail #p2

  1. Comcast and Verizon execs agree: #FCC Title II plan won’t impact network investment #NetNeutrality

  1. James Rucker (@ColorofChange) explains how Web openness & access are intertwined and vital #NetNeutrality

  1. Telco astroturf wouldn't spend $1.4m if they weren’t scared and they’re scared of 2mn people demanding #NetNeutrality

  1. "When all else fails, launch a scare campaign" #NetNeutrality #astroturf

  1. Rep. Cliff Stearns introduces anti-#NetNeutrality bill. And his biggest corporate contributor is ...

  1. GigaOm: "For those who want to check out telecom. lobby & agenda in bill form, read Stearns’ leg." #NetNeutrality

  1. Meanwhile at Fox, @GlennBeck links GE, NBC and @FreePress in vast conspiracy to take over the Web #p2

  1. Net Neutrality: The sum of all irrational fears: #NetNeutrality #FCC

  1. Would @GlennBeck hate #NetNeutrality as much, if he actually knew what it was? One can only wonder.

  1. Sen Dorgan & Com Copps: #FCC should move w/Internet speed to guarantee #NetNeutrality essential to dynamic democracy

  1. Can you feel the power of the netroots. 2 million for #NetNeutrality. 250,000 for Title II

  1. The nerdfighters chime in for #NetNeutrality Geeks do rule!

  1. AT&T (and friends) are still hard at work making up #NetNeutrality job loss figures (via @mmasnick)

  1. LA Times: FCC needs to step up regulation of Internet broadband service #NetNeutrality

  1. Do the numbers add up? A closer look at controversial study that suggests #NetNeutrality costs jobs

  1. Why media reform matters right now? Two must watch videos #NetNeutrality #SavetheNews

  1. The Christian Coalition takes on Glenn Beck: #NetNeutrality is not some Marxist plot: #p2 #tcot

  1. Extremists distort the #NetNeutrality issue as part of a secretly "coordinated attack" to censor people

  1. Rep. Markey makes plea for reclassifying broadband; joins 250,000 other people who have urged the same #NetNeutrality

  1. Washington Post: #NetNeutrality not a government plot. It's about ensuring your ISP can't limit what you do online

  1. Tim Wu: Net Neutrality is not dead. The FCC just needs to fix Bush-era mistakes: #NetNeutrality #fcc

  1. Watch the Pulitzer Center interview on how #NetNeutrality protects free speech and new journalism on the Web:

  1. Join the ColorofChange action in support of #NetNeutrality (pls sign and RT)

  1. Why Net Neutrality is too important to leave up to ISPs (via @gigaom) #NetNeutrality

  1. Two venture capitalists on #NetNeutrality. If we lose it, we lose companies to invest in

  1. Libraries understand that #NetNeutrality is essential:

  1. AT&T sees Net access as scarce commodity to be rationed and filtered at spiraling costs #NetNeutrality

  1. How Christian Coalition, MoveOn (and other strange bedfellows) helped Save the Internet together #NetNeutrality

  1. #FCC Commissioner M. Clyburn not neutral on #NetNeutrality:

  1. Experts warn of an ISP-controlled Internet w/o #NetNeutrality

  1. Harvard survey finds open access and #NetNeutrality vital to competition, universal access, low prices & high speeds

  1. James Rucker of @colorofchange makes the case, again, for civil rights community to support #NetNeutrality

  1. Close America's broadband gap? The phone and cable giants just say 'No' #NetNeutrality #DigitalDivide

  1. Tea Party conservatives show support for #NetNeutrality: Good to see right and left agreeing on some things.

  1. Another telco talking point against #NetNeutrality (That it costs jobs) proven false

  1. VIDEO: President Obama hits it out of the park for #NetNeutrality (pls rt)

  1. Why are some civil rights groups are on the wrong side of Net Neutrality? via @colorofchange #NetNeutrality

  1. Why Media and Journalism Scholars Support Net Neutrality #NetNeutrality

  1. #FCC Commissioner Clyburn says #NetNeutrality is in best interest of people of color – and all Americans:

  1. The conservative case for #NetNeutrality

  1. Gamers warn of "balkanized" Internet. Call for #NetNeutrality protections:

  1. #NetNeutrality is a “matter of freedom of communication... This should be a basic right of citizenship”

  1. NYU economists: #NetNeutrality fuels an open dynamic that “creates billions of dollars in value for American public”

  1. Making the case that #NetNeutrality fuels economic prosperity:

  1. I trust that the more than 30K gamers who've signed letters in support of #NetNeutrality Whom do you trust?

  1. Rush gets #NetNeutrality. It's when Google and Obama take over your "Rush Limbaugh" search results. Yes sirree

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fox Goes Wall to Wall on Tiara-gate

The supposed controversy surrounding Sunday Night's crowning of Miss America was made to order for Fox News Channel. What better than a story that mixes the Network's love of beauty queens with its penchant for stirring up right-wing anger over issues like gay marriage and immigration.

Over the air and on the web, Fox devoted much of its coverage to questioning whether Miss Oklahoma was "sandbagged" by the liberal elite for her support of Arizona's anti-immigration law. Bumped from the front page of any mention of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, new information on the attempted Time Square bombing and coverage of the Supreme Court nomination.

The messages behind those news items are perhaps too nuanced for Roger Ailes, who seems to prefer his reporting wrapped in a political message and sprinkled with conspiracy.

It also helps to have women in bikinis.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Net Neutrality: The Sum of All Irrational Fears

Would the right’s lunatic fringe hate Net Neutrality so much, if they actually knew what it was? One can only wonder.

'They will control you' -- Glenn Beck on his radio show:
We’re not going to lose this country we are losing this country. I don’t think people understand how close we are today. Today the FCC is going to turn the Internet into a public utility, which means they have the power to control and regulate every bit of it.

They just were told by a court that they cannot have Net Neutrality. They said: “Fine we can’t do it that way. We will make it a public utility.” This will control every aspect of the Internet. And if you don’t think that people who praise Chavez and his revolution as an important democratic revolution will control every aspect of this Internet.

Mark my words. Listen to this carefully. It’s not going to happen today. It’s not going to happen in the next couple of weeks. It may not even happen in the next year. But it will happen. They’ve opened the door and your rights to speak out, put things out on the Internet, to express yourselves on a blog, to be able to make a political video … gone!

With this administration and, you know what, any progressive – even Republican – administration – they will limit your speech on the Internet and control it.If you think we could lose our rights, if you think we could lose our country, you’re mistaken. We are losing our country.
'A Neo-Marxist vision' -- Neil Stevens at
Part of Google’s drive has been in funding Free Press, a radical fringe group dedicated to the nationalization of all mass media in America.

Their neo-Marxist vision is to have people’s state commissars dictating all the news you read in the newspaper, watch on television, and see on the Internet. Obviously, they’ve been pushing hard for deem-and-pass “reclassification” of the Internet under FCC total control.

A 'Nucllear Option' -- Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity on Fox News:
With today’s announcement the FCC shows it is more interested in satisfying a left-wing political constituency than continuing sound policy...

Free Press put out a statement yesterday just minutes after the story leaked that the FCC would pursue reclassification. Remarkably, they openly stated that even the nuclear option of total regulatory control under a utility-type model is not enough for them, saying: “This is extremely welcome news. We reserve judgment, however, on whether the FCC has gone far enough.”
'Another Obama Takeover' -- House Republican Leader John Boehner on Twitter, twice:
“Obama FCC scheme would reclassify internet as a phone system in order to expand gov't power.”

“FCC plan to regulate internet will stifle innovation, kill jobs. Another gov't takeover by President Obama.”