Thursday, June 23, 2005

Deus Ex Machina

The formidable right-wing message machine is churning away on PBS.

There's a consistent tone to the talking points emanating from their chief bloviators. They figure that screaming "liberal bias" repeatedly and at volume will make it true. Unfortunately, mainstream media's echo chamber seems helpless to debunk their fact-challenged claims.

Dumb: Timothy Graham

[PBS wants] to create an empire that does not have to answer to the Congress or the people . . .Conservatives do not want to give more tax dollars to television stations that attack their ideas.

Dumber: Cliff Kincaid

[Moyers] had a show on PBS for three years. . . He is an admitted liberal partisan. Who did PBS have to balance him? Nobody. . . Tomlinson is coming under fire by the liberal elites who run PBS and NPR simply because he's trying to document the bias and do something about it.

Dumbest: George Neumayer

I do. I see a pervasive bias. PBS looks like a liberal monopoly to me, and Bill Moyers is Exhibit A of that very strident left-wing bias. . . . So I think the problem of bias is quite deep, and I applaud Ken Tomlinson for making an attempt to correct it.

These spin doctors, however, fail to muster an intelligent response to polls -- including those commissioned and conducted by Republicans -- that find an overwhelming majority (80%) of Americans believe PBS to be "fair and balanced".

Hey, don't let those facts get in the way of an effective barrage.

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