Friday, July 29, 2005

Ann Coulter 'Has the Media'

Ann's Apple
Big media's favorite "public intellectual," turns on her kind to admit that their "liberal media" mantra is nothing more than right-wing lip service.

During Sean Hannity's show on Tuesday, Coulter explained to neo-nanny Brent Bozell that President Bush should have turned further right than Roberts in his choice for the Supreme Court. The right would win this appointment because “we have the media now,” Coulter explains to a nodding Sean Hannity (What better confirmation). Hannity's own version of "objectivity and balance" is to pit Coulter against Bozell, giving his lucky listeners a broad sampling of political views in this debate.

Thanks Ann, Brent and Sean, I couldn't have said it more succinctly myself.

Audio courtesy of Oliver W.


Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter is irrational, but she makes a lot of comments. Statistically, one of them eventually had to be correct.


Anonymous said...

I hope someday that the american public wakes up and sees this right wing media for what it is,and what it does.
Stealing every dollar it can from ordinary citizens,even stealing from childrens education via NCLB
"no child left behind".
If they do and when they do,I wait for the day when we hear of the traggic futures of the people whose broadcasts made these American tragedies possible