Monday, May 01, 2006

Mother Knows Best: Save the Internet

Net Revolt
You know that an issue has spread to the mainstream when your mom leaves a message on your answering machine urging you to go to, immediately.

This weekend saw a flurry of blog posts about Internet freedom and net neutrality as this issue crossed over from the blogosphere to Main Street.

Here's a sampling:

The Cost in Human Terms (Russell Shaw at IP Telephony)

When your mother leaves you a message, in the same tone that she leaves you a message to remember to buy sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection, that you might want to keep your eye on legislation challenging network neutrality and to go to and, you know it's serious.

Open Source in the Political Fray (Dana Blankenhorn at Open Source)

...sites like DailyKos, Eschaton, MyDD (one example here) and (most interesting) have been loudest and longest on this, and their readers have responded by peppering relevant Congressional offices. I would love to see examples from FreeRepublic, RedState or Lucianne of bloggers flogging their friends to keep access to their sites free and open.

Save the Internet (Balo's Life Blog)

Net Neutrality is, to borrow a phrase from, "The First Amendment" of the Internet, ensuring that giant companies like AT&T [CEO Ed Whitacre pictured above] and Verizon can't restrict your access to some websites. Without this, any sites they don't like will load slower, or not at all. Therefore, this would end the Internet as we know it, changing the greatest free speech mechanism the world has ever seen into little more than a corporate pigsty.

Support the Markey Amendment (David Isenberg at

Here comes a BAD LAW and you can oppose it, maybe even make it better. You want the Internet to be 57 Billion URLs with Nothing On? OK, then act.

Internet (As We Know It) in Peril (CS at Mentalwire)

The good news in all of this is that civic action has brought this issue to the forefront, and I am proud to say that my representative - Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), voted in favor of net neutrality. Thanks Mrs. Shakowsky! You are an inspiration to the democratic process.

The Entire U.S Wants Net Neutrality (Doug Ross at DirectorBlue)

Ever wonder why the telcos spend so much on lobbyists rather than, oh I don't know, value-creating new applications like Skype and Vonage? For the love of... And don't think for a second that killing net neutrality isn't a huge issue. It has already happened in Canada and the results weren't pretty.

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