Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Showing Some Love to the FCC's Top Man

Valentine's Day is Wednesday, but FCC Chairman Kevin has already received his gift from the public.



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In a sugar-coated bid to woo Martin away from corporate media lobbyists, tens of thousands of people have signed and sent an electronic love letter to the man in charge of regulating the Internet.

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The Valentine's day video asks the chairman to get out of bed with Big Media and "send some love to the people you're really supposed to be serving."

Last year, Martin was caught in bed with corporate lobbyists (literally, see the photo to the right).

At the end of the year -- as the AT&T buyout of Bell South was being approved, the chairman stated his intention not to enforce the Net Neutrality rules that were a condition of the company's massive merger.

2007 is a pivotal year for the chairman. He will be making several decisions that will have a direct impact on Internet freedoms.

The public Valentine urges the chairman to spurn corporate advances and help prevent big phone companies from destroying Net Neutrality. Help foster "more diverse voices and points of view and a free and open Internet" the video asks. "Get out of bed with them and into bed with us."

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Read more about the courtship of Kevin in today's Wall Street Journal "Washington Wire."

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RADdams said...

What the heck is he doing standing on the bed with his shoes on? His is seriously unusual behavior! Didn't his mom tell him that jumping on the bed is bad form for children over 10 years of age? Seriously, it has some serious implications for his secret, closed-door abhorrent behavior and beliefs. Does he have Napoleon Complex? What does it say about his subconscious and conscious beliefs about social norms and/or rules that apply to everyone but him? I wouldn’t trust my kids in his custody…..the picture is clear; he is a real weirdo that cannot be trusted!