Thursday, October 20, 2005

Miller Time for Tina

No Frank Rich
The more you hear from Judith Miller, the less you know about the the Rove-Plame scandal contends Tina Brown, still of the Washington Post.

In a commentary that's as cryptic as Miller's own New York Times narrative, Tina tries to make sense of it all:
". . . not all stories are as Manichaean as the [Jayson] Blair debacle. The Miller epic is so complex and compromised it probably can't be truthfully told until after the special prosecutor has unloosed his thunderbolts -- and maybe not even then."
Whaaa . . . ?

Bloggers are doing their best to make clear for readers what the Times, Miller and, now, Tina can't seem to put into simple words. Leading the charge are Arianna Huffington, Jeff Jarvis and Jay Rosen who dispense with literary flourishes for a no-nonsense assessment of the story.

Then there's Tina:
Maybe this isn't so much transparent journalism as reality TV crossed with teenage soap opera, starring Miller as the alpha Heather. "It's official. I'm Miss Run Amok," she announces after a tsk-tsk session with Boyd. And Boyd's successor as managing editor, Jill Abramson, asked if she regrets any part of the Times's handling of the matter, replies sulkily, "The entire thing!" You can almost hear the door to her room slamming. The script is like a rejected pilot for the WB network.
What the. . . ?

Tina's not Frank (Rich, I mean).


RADdams said...

Hey Tim,

Do you think that it's time to stop paying attention to the likes of Tina? You hit the nail on the head. I tried reading her "news" story and halfway through, I concluded that she should consider reporting for E-Extra!

Speaking of being out of their element, did you see "The Factor" this morning on the Today Show? No less than three times did he say "Outside the beltway and New York, people just don't care about the Plame issue". Talk about wishful thinking Billy-boy. Or am I and everyone I talk to here in Michigan the exception? It's starting to smell like they might be cookin' up a good old fashioned cover-up conspiracy and all the while Bill-O thinks we Americans don't care. In Bill's own words he said that Rove and Libby are really nasty people and then he did a quick back-pedal to include their democratic counterparts. And that is coming from a guy who generally agrees with their tactics! Bill should have checked his Glum, I'm-Cooler-than-you-Katie persona at the door because he looked the part of the idiot she wanted. By the way Bill, it was bad form to badmouth Tim Russert on his own network.

And speaking of idiots, didn't anyone learn from Martha herself that the cover-up is generally worse than the crime? I know I am not in the Beltway, but I sense that the Special Prosecutor is putting together a timeline of who said what, when and it doesn't look good for our Dynamic Duo.

Anonymous said...
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