Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tikrit Two-Step

First Lieutenant Gregg Murphy writes from Iraq responding to my posting about his role in last Thursday’s press event with the president.

My response follows his. Others are welcome to chime in using the comment thread. But, please -- and this goes out especially to the shrill horde visiting from Michelle Malkin’s “hyper-informed” blog -– keep the death threats to yourselves.

From First Lt Murphy:

Soldier Propagandist

I noticed a few inconsistencies with your page. I wonder how I was quoted praising Bush in 2003, when I didn't arrive in country (Iraq) or make any comments prior to December 2004.

Some other interesting factoids that your blog missed: I am a registered Democrat. I have voted that way for the past 12 years. Not until my recent deployment have my views started moving over to the right.

The reason I support Bush, is because Bush supports all of us over here. . .

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My response:

Thanks for writing Gregg. I will take you up on that beer. Seriously.

I am disturbed by the number of people who have misread my post as an attack on the troops. I'm more concerned, however, that the Pentagon and the White House are using you and your fellow soldiers as bit players in a deceptive political scheme.

The Thursday event came across very poorly in mainstream media -- as though it were a desperate White House bid to reverse the president's decline in public opinion polls. I have watched the raw feed several times and wasn't the least bit convinced. . . .

. . . Read the remainder of Karr's response

Michelle and your Mensa minions, make of this what you will.

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