Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Deadline Pundit Returns

Deadline Pundit
The blogosphere was just immeasurably enriched by the arrival of Ian Williams, the Deadline Pundit.

I worked with Williams during an earlier gig as editor of the Globalvision News Network, a noble attempt to do Reuters and AP one better by delivering world news as reported by those who actually lived in the countries affected -- and not through the lens of Anglo-American scribes parachuted in after the fact.

Ian had the uncanny ability to deliver by 8:30am more than 1,000 words of sage, well-crafted commentary on the world news of the day -- a feat I will forever admire.

While the New Network went the way of most dot-coms, I am heartened that Ian's work will live on. Read the Deadline Pundit.

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Amina said...

Hey, you lectured my Intro to Media Systems and Processes class at Rutgers! How odd that I stumbled upon your blog.. Your presentation got me motivated to be a part of the campaign to protect our basic freedoms. I'm signed up on the Free Press mailing list now and am looking forward to actively engaging in the preservation of those freedoms. Thanks for doing what you do!