Friday, November 04, 2005

Post Catches a Clue

It's nice to see some in mainstream media are paying attention to the "net neutrality" debate. The Washington Post's Arshad Mohammed picks up on SBC Chairman Ed Whitacre's "nuts" quote -- a story that MediaCitizen reported more than 72 hours earlier:
You may have missed it this week. In the dead middle of a Business Week interview with SBC chief Edward Whitacre is a comment that foretells the future of broadband. At least, the future incumbent broadband providers are planning for. And it’s not a pretty picture for the rest of us.

When asked whether he was concerned about Google, MSN, Vonage, and other companies plans to get into broadband services, the CEO of the telco giant let slip his plans to create a 'walled garden' where your freedom to surf is sacrificed at the altar of SBC profits . . .
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The money quote in Arhsad's Post story:
"It seems like a rather monopolistic attitude," said Michael Jackson, vice president for operations at Skype. "If the line were free to the user, or the bandwidth were free to the user, then perhaps he'd have a point. But the line isn't free to the user. The customer is paying for the bandwidth. . . . He's already paid for it. Why should he pay more?"
Good question.

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