Monday, January 15, 2007

Markey Pledges to Keep Net Neutrality Wave Rolling

It's not the fear of God, it's the fear of voters that scares politicians in Washington, Congressman Ed Markey said Saturday, during the National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis.


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The Massachusetts Democrat, who now chairs the House Subcommittee that will oversee all telecommunications legislation, promised to protect Internet freedom in his elevated role within Congress.

"We are going to in Washington have a historic debate over the next two years and I will chair the committee that is having those hearings," Markey told the audience.

"I can promise you this, that unlike the last two years it just won't be the CEOs of the telephone and cable companies who are there. You will be selecting witnesses to testify right next to them on the same day before the same Congressmen so that the voices of the American people will be heard as well."

Markey spoke before a crowded convention hall including many hundred Coalition members. The Congressman praised our Coalition's grassroots campaign, which delivered nearly 1.5 million petitions to Capitol Hill.

"Let me tell you something about Congress," Markey said. "Congress is a stimulus response institution. There is nothing more stimulating than having 1.5 million people who say I don't think I want you to keep your job if you won't keep your hands off the Internet."

Markey blasted the phone and cable company assault on Net Neutrality, pledging to foster openness, innovation and neutrality during his tenure. But, said markey, he couldn't safeguard Internet freedom on his own.

According to Markey, the digital revolution has the potential to change our society only if we "animate these technologies with the human values that represent our highest aspirations for our society."

"The wave of the future is a wave of technological empowerment and innovation. It is a wave of grassroots activism that can make a difference in Washington, D.C. down to every single community in our country. It's a wave of digital democracy the likes of which we have never seen in the history of our country."

Markey closed by promising to work with the public to keep this Net Neutrality wave rolling.


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