Friday, January 12, 2007

Plan for a Better Internet Unveiled at Memphis Bash

Last night in Memphis, the Coalition unveiled a visionary plan for a faster, more open and accessible Internet for all Americans.

While Net Neutrality forms the foundation of the "Internet Freedom Declaration of 2007," the plan goes much further, setting forth a broader, more inclusive public agenda for the future of the Internet.

Party To Save the Internet
This agenda is built around three fundamental "Internet rights": 1. Universal, Affordable Access; 2. An Open and Neutral Network; and 3. World Class Quality through Competition.

As the SavetheInternet Coalition gets to work with the new Congress, it plans to marry these principles to a broad grassroots lobbying effort in support of legislation that fosters a communications infrastructure that better serves the common good.

Prior to its broad release, the Declaration was signed by Free Press, Consumers Union, Common Cause, the National Association of State Pirgs, Consumer Federation of America, Civic Action, Media Access Project, Educause and several other charter Coalition members.

>> Click here to sign on your group to Declaration.

The Declaration was released before a crowd of 750 supporters at last night's "Party for the Future" at Memphis' Gibson Guitar Factory. The event kicked off this weekend's National Conference for Media Reform, which will feature workshops and panels on Net Neutrality and discussions of's plan."As the new Congress gets to the business of making law in 2007, we're going to make sure that they stand with us and against any corporate gatekeepers who seek to turn OUR Internet into their private fiefdoms," Josh Silver, Free Press' executive director, said during the Memphis party."

"Thanks to many of you who spoke out in 2006, Congress is now listening."

The party was co-sponsored by Coalition members Free Press and Civic Action.

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