Monday, November 05, 2012

My Week with Sandy:

Two hours before peak tide
90 minutes before peak
30 minutes before peak
14th Street, moments before the breach
The Hudson River floods 14th Street from both sides
A walk outside moments before our building lobby takes water
The morning after the storm. Flooded cars on Hudson Street
The morning after: Hoboken Yacht Club
The morning after: Weehawken Cove
Looking West from Park Street
Flooded basement apartment on Park Street
Removing water from a flooded basement on 7th Street
Bailing out on 7th Street.
SUV bursts into flames on Hudson Street after electrical system fails.
Removing waterlogged belongings on Garden Street
Mobile soup kitchen outside the Hoboken Public Library
Mayor Dawn Zimmer at her daily press conference, Hoboken City Hall
Citibank provides a mobile ATM for cash-strapped Hoboken
Mobile charging station on Hudson Street, one of the only streets to have not lost power
Ferry to Manhattan resumes but lines are long