Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Week in the Life of a Media Mogul

What's Up With Rupert.
(Illustration by James Hindle)
While two former lieutenants in the U.K. are to be charged for bribery and corruption,

 … http://nyti.ms/T0VStP

Rupert Murdoch's fortunes are turning in the U.S.,

 … http://nyti.ms/QpTrp2

where Obama's top FCC official is planning to lift media ownership limits,

 … http://bit.ly/USQkr6

It's a News Corp.-friendly move that would pave the way for Murdoch to fulfill ambitions to buy the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune,

 … http://bit.ly/T8Z7Cu

a move that would be one of Obama's first major policy decisions since winning reelection.

 … http://bit.ly/SN63lm

Obama's FCC is reportedly planning to sneak this rule change through "on circulation," which would prevent any public comment or review on the order.

 … http://huff.to/RPhLhc

This has enraged several civil rights groups that are now demanding hearings -- especially so the FCC can address the "disgraceful" lack of diversity among broadcast media owners -- before the agency takes any action that could harm the constituencies (people of color and women) that were so instrumental in returning Obama to the White House.

 … http://bit.ly/Scn2PE

Meanwhile Rupert Murdoch passes time on Twitter insulting Jews and dispensing tough love to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

 ... https://twitter.com/rupertmurdoch


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