Thursday, January 13, 2005

Death of the Nets: Coffin Nail 1

As the number of channels available in the average home goes from 80 (analog cable) to 200 (digital cable) to infinity (Internet TV), it’s easy to see the shift towards less concentrated audiences continuing and more people migrating to truly niche content or "nanocasting" as writes Chris Anderson:
"Prime Time" is already meaningless to a TiVo user. So is "channel." Soon "available in my area" will be, too. As the instruments of scarcity dissolve, audiences are flowing more naturally across the spectrum of available content.
In a similar vein, Simon Waldman sums up recent reporting on the supposed "explosion" of network television in particular and MSM in general with mention to Orville Schell's feudal media age comment.


Anonymous said...

yo, get at me because this whole thing is true, with tivo and all that, there is no more "live tv" or "prime time" so basically tv is changing for the worst.

Anonymous said...

Holla, I aggre wit anyamous. Good call. WATCH TILT