Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Desparate Housewives for Desparate Prudes

Expect the nanny hordes at the Parents Television Council to target "Desperate Housewives" for indecency complaints now that Nielsen rates the show the most popular broadcast-network series with kids aged 9-12. The Cato Institute's Adam Thierer writes: "Art, music, and speech are fair game for the Ministry of Culture down at the FCC, but don't let them regulate our cable rates!" (Tip via Kevin Taglang)


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to parental oversight? Brent Bozell professes to speak from a position of moral standing. Really, doesn't he represent a "horde" of parents who have failed to police their own children, and, pathetically, now want to pressure the gov't to do their work for them? Also, take a look at his Media Research Council, which often preaches the opposite: taking the typically conservative view that the gov't should not interfere in free enterprise. What it's really about is Brent's demagogic lust (yes, lust) for power.

Ted Davis, Portland OR

Anonymous said...

I would like to know exactly how much "unhealthy" television the good people of the PTC watch. I ask because they sure know a lot about it. To know that much you must have to watch a lot. If they are watching, why don't they know that their kids are watching? I have a full proof way of keeping trash television out of my house. It's called the off button. Maybe the PTC should try it, it works. I don't have to watch Fox News or any other offensive programs. I would like to continue using my method and not have hypocritical red staters who watch that offensive crap tell me I can't. Do you think they may see the irony of watching what they say I shouldn't?

Timothy Karr said...

To get a better idea of how they work, check out this Washington Post article. It's quite humorous in its own way: