Monday, January 10, 2005

The Future of The Times

In a BusinessWeek article on the possible demise of The New York Times, Orville Schell contends that The Times is being eroded not only by its own journalistic screw-ups but also by profound changes in communications technology:

The Roman Empire that was mass media is breaking up, and we are entering an almost-feudal period where there will be many more centers of power and influence. It's a kind of disaggregation of the molecular structure of the media.

Perhaps the futurists at the Museum of Media History have got it right.

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Anonymous said...

The Times has become such an obvious liberal propaganda forum that it is loosing credibility with the center. If they don't switch back to at least attempting nutratrality or a center view, then they will become more irrelivant. The candidates they endorse in our local N.Y. Times paper consistently loose.