Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Florida Journos Challenge License of Fox Station

Jane Akre and Steve Wilson filed a petition Monday against a Tampa Fox station asserting it deliberately broadcast false and distorted news reports. The 98-page “petition to deny” to the FCC claims that the licensee is not operating in the public interest and "lacks the good character to do so."


Angel Of Mercy said...

Well, let us be thankful for small, long overdue favors! This won't go anywhere, of course--Rupert Murdoch has more money than Midas to fight it--but at least it's a step in the right direction. Who knows? If enough people start standing up for proper use of THEIR airwaves, something good could happen!

Steve J. said...

What Angel said!

Here in Tucson, we have 3 radio stations that air wingnut liars but not one that airs progressive thinkers. Although AZ is a red state, Tucson is definitely blue. I plan to make a little stink about the lack of diversity to the FCC.


thatcherj1 said...

We live 100 miles north of Sacramento, CA and on the few AM talk radio stations available we can get Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, and The Savage Nation on most stations, all day, at the same time. People have practically no other sources of information. And they believe FOX News stories. People will tell you that they trust FOX because it is fair and balanced. Driving across country we have the same experience. Most information citizens receive comes from very tainted sources. People need to hear all sides of issues in order to make serious decisions about their lives and futures. That is impossible in today's media atmosphere