Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Pundits Do Battle: Coulter v Schechter

Stay tuned for the latest bout of Yell-e-vision. Tonight, 9:00pm on Fox News Channel, MediaChannel "Blogger-in-Chief" Danny Schechter will rock-em, sock-em with right-wing action figurine Ann Coulter. Expect more of the usual (sigh). I wonder why we routinely agree to play "hack" for the news and infotainment industry. Perhaps Danny will engage Ann in a reasoned discourse, if that's possible with someone of this sort. In a similar vein, John P. Avlon takes a look at the "split-scream epidemic."

Update: FNC called later in the afternoon to cancel the joust. Hawk pundit/ex-con Ollie North stepped in to fill the ticket.

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Anonymous said...

Some have been calling for progressives pundits to boycott "yell-e-vision." I don't think that's wise. We have to keep open the possibility of a multi-partisan discourse via mainstream media. I hope Danny stays calm and let's Coulter put her own foot (clad in Manolo Blahniks no doubt) in her mouth. She needs little prompting to act the fool.