Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Free Press, NAACP Target TV License

Citing the FCC's ban on crossownership of TV stations and newspapers in the same market, Free Press and the NAACP petitioned to deny Media General Inc.’s request for permission to keep both WMBB-TV Panama City, Fla., and the Jackson County Floridan, one of the market’s daily newspapers.

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thatcherj1 said...

I am so happy someone/group is protesting monopoly in our information sources. We in the northern California Sacramento valley get few AM talk radio stations and among those we get Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura and The Savage Nation are on up to 4 stations of these few stations at the same time, day and night, day after day. I don't see how citizens can be informed enough to make logical decisions based on the mountain of misinformation they are subjected to on a constant daily basis. This smacks of brainwashing and antidemocratic.