Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Googly Eyes

The company everyone loves knows more about you than you might realize. And that’s just for starters, writes Dan Kennedy. “According to Lauren Weinstein, an Internet activist and privacy expert based in Southern California, Google keeps track of every search that’s made, as well as the Internet location of the computer from which the search is taking place -- and then it stores that information for possible future use.”

Weinstein offers Kennedy an additional wrinkle: he claims Google is actually storing all your data so that it can go back and conduct, say, market research or develop new products. "Or, you know, respond to that subpoena." Maybe the Google database will give some bite back to "Carnivore," the FBI's recently abandoned program to monitor our digital meanderings.

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Anonymous said...

Well, here's a weird one: a computer show on local radio is doing "Search Engines" tonight. So, having read the article from the MediaCitizen link, I posted the link in http://DeepEndNews.com, with a blurb about the upcoming show.

When I checked the link from the page, though, it went to a Google search box for Boston Phoenix, rather than to the article. What mean? And what can I do so that the article, rather than the search box, will appear?

[One title -- the blog and the Phoenix were different --was "Google Eyes" and one was "Googly Eyes". Have changed the website entry to "Googly Eyes"; maybe that will help ... @]

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